Christian Family Movement

Welcome to St. Elizabeth’s Christian Family Movement!

We meet once a month in each other’s homes to read and discuss the books from CFM. We usually start with some social time, then go over the chapter and discuss the questions. At the end of the chapter we agree on some actions that we are going to take prior to our next meeting. After that we usually socialize some more, have some dessert or snacks. Some groups bring their children and they play while we are meeting, other groups meet with just the adults. Join us! If you would like to visit for a meeting just let us know.

Some book topics: Sharing our Gifts, Family, Works of Mercy, Homemade Disciples, Parenting, Marriage, Grandparents, Walking with Christ. Each group decides which book they would like to use.

CFM provides a small Christian faith community within the larger Church in which individuals, marriages and families are supported.

CFM enhances the couple relationship as spouses spend time together deepening their faith.

CFM materials are Catholic and are inclusive of inter-church families. They are welcoming to couples and single parents, too.

CFM enriches families as parents learn how to build happier families by living their faith.

CFM brings families together to discuss important issues that affect the world in which we live. Families discover how they can act to make a positive difference for Christ!

Contact Information: Pam and Marty Whyte 262-515-8208 or